At 9 years old, Frazer Mitchell took to the stage at Westlands, Yeovil, as the youngest ever solo act to perform at the 1,000 capacity venue. Now, at 23, Frazer has collected a vast array of useful skills and talents. With a regular prime time Saturday evening show on widely known community radio station AIR 107.2, and festival performances lined up for the rest of the summer, Frazer boasts an extremely vast array of talent and experience within the music industry. After performing 128 sets in the first 7 months of 2017, Frazer Mitchell is setting himself up for a busy upcoming winter and New Year.

Frazer Mitchell is also the founder of the Antix Music Network.  The network aims to help up-and-coming musicians, bands, producers, and DJs, in their first steps of the music career. As Frazer creates a path for himself in the music industry, he brings along his most talented and suitable artists linked with the network. For more information, check out the Antix Music Network.

Venues Performed:

  • Thames River Boat, London
  • Hilton Hotel, London
  • Ministry of Sound
  • Karma, Yeovil
  • Club Neo, Yeovil
  • Woods, Yeovil
  • Queenshilling, Bristol
  • The Westgate, Bath
  • Boombox, Weymouth
  • The Arrow, Yeovil
  • Brix & Co, Bournemouth
  • Yeovil Beer Fest
  • Bristol VegFest
  • Home Farm Festival
  • Hardington Festival
  • Combe Fest

Radio Stations:

  • AIR 107.2 Weymouth & Portland Community Radio – #SaturdaySessions 6-8pm weekly
  • Abbey104 Sherborne Community Radio – Late Night Sessions 10pm-midnight
  • St Austell Radio – played ‘Holding On To’
  • Nerve Radio – played ‘Holding On To’ and ‘Take Your Place’
  • BBC Radio 1 – Introducing played ‘Holding On To’ and ‘Reason For It All’
  • BBC Somerset – played ‘Reason For It All’
  • Abbey104 – Callum Reeve played ‘Holding On To’, and ‘Take Your Place’
  • ToneFM – played ‘Holding On To’
  • Aphrodisiac Radio, Bournemouth, on Daniela Rhodes show, featuring guest mix from D.E.D (Darren Dedman). Streamed Live on Facebook, this reached over 4.5k views.

Notable performances:

  • Supporting Judge Jules at Cream Takeover @ Westlands, Yeovil, 2013
  • Supporting Dave Pearce at Ministry of Sound
  • Antix: Takeover Karma featuring live performances from MC Terique Henry and singer James Grant.
  • Westlands, piano solo at age 9 – Moonlight Sonata
  • Bootleg Remix of Tulisa – Young reached 50,000+ plays in less than a week.
  • ‘Holding On To’, featuring vocals from JoJo Saunders, was written and recorded in 24 hours. Even though this track was written in mid 2015 (JoJo was 15 at the time of recording), and only released in late 2016, it is the one piece of work which has gained the most interest by industry professionals by a clear mile.
  • Temporary Pianist for 5 piece Rock & Roll Band White Station. In summer 2016, Frazer toured with White Station around the festival circuit and local music scenes, performing to huge crowds, most notable Yeovil Beer Fest, and Bristol VegFest.
  • DJ’d for Bradley Gunn Raver’s Monday Night Rave Sessions, streamed Live on Facebook, with over 4k views.

Useful Skills

  • Musician: I am a very confident all-round musician. My first instrument was piano, which is still to date my most confident instrument. I am also a very confident bass guitarist, electric guitarist, acoustic guitarist, and drummer.
  • Music Production: For my productions, I use Ableton Live and Logic. Ableton I use on a regular basis for mixes, and arrangement, and live performances. Logic is more for production and initial ideas.
  • Radio Presenter: This doubles up as a confident Master of Ceremonies. I am very confident at talking to groups of people over the microphone, and am not phased by the amount of listeners on the radio.
  • Social Media: I pride myself with the knowledge of the ins and outs of how social media works, especially Facebook. I have been behind some extremely successful brands (mainly music) which have not only a reasonably large number of followers, but, more importantly, are engaging.
  • Video Editing: All of the Antix: Cafe Sessions videos are edited by me, and I pride myself with my video editing. I feel I need an upgrade on camera equipment however.